The Hospital attached to this institution has 1401 beds, with update facilities, Besides Medical College & Hospital and Physiotherapy Occupational therapy and Nursing Schools.

It gives me great pleasure and honour to extend you all a very warm and cordial personal invitation to attend the diamond jubilee celebrations of your revered alma mater, the Govemment Medical College Nagpur. The celebrations offer an opportunity to all who have been associated with this institution as moment.

A wide ranging and comprehensive programme of academic, scientific, cultural, health and sports activities has been planned for the final festivities from 26th to 28th October 2007 which will provide all, the most desired opportunity to participate and cherish the memories for the life time.

I earnestly appeal to you all to register for the celebrations at the earliest and be one with the institutional fratemity during this once in a lifetime celebrated occasion. I take this opportunity to also solicit your benevolent support for the future upliftment of the institution.

The institutional website will be constantly Updating the information about the diamond jubilee festivities.

look forward to your valuable participation in the grand finale from 26th to 28th October 2007 and assure you that you will certainly enjoy being at your Alma mater once again.